Welcome Floris hiroko 品川の御殿山にある小さな花屋です。
Floris hiroko Flower Shop floris hiroko is little flower shop in Shinagawa-ku Tokyo. We take a your order in English by an email Floris Hiroko フラワーショップ 品川の御殿山にある小さな花屋です

floris hiroko

floris hiroko is a small flower shop in Gotenyama, Shinagawa. It was opened by the founder Hiroko Suzuki in 2001, and in 2015, the successor Wakako left the name of Hiroko and succeeded to this day. This year marks the 20th anniversary of its opening, and we aim to become a flower shop that is loved by everyone. We propose flowers that suit your lifestyle, such as cut flowers, gardening, symbol trees and dried flowers that value the sense of the season.

FLORIS HIROKO will produce a bouquet that suits you according to your budget.
We send out new arrival item information and daily information.